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Hi All. In my earlier posts i spoke about the need for financial planning and Life Insurance. Today i will be discussing on the third important aspect which an individual needs to plan for which is HEALTH INSURANCE.
Every individual at a young age feels that he/she is health and do not require any health insurance. Even though they take the insurance, The premiums are treated as an expense and additional burden on their monthly budget.
We do not have the power to predict any eventuality with regards to health, anything can happen at any point of time. This sudden occurrence can drain the entire savings within weeks. The rising costs of medical treatment and also increase in prices of medication are further contributing to this. Specialized treatments and drugs are sometimes out of reach due to insufficient funds, This can be avoided through a health insurance. Health Insurance is an investment to cover you for any medical treatment/emergency that may arise in the near future.
Please go through this short video i came across on the subject on Youtube

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