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This includes investment in to debt instruments which are in lower risk as compared to the equity.

What are Bonds?
Bonds are an asset class where the investor lends a government or business money for a set period of time, with the promise of repayment of that money plus interest.

Unlike stocks, which are purchased shares of ownership in a company, bonds are the purchase of a company or public entity’s debt obligation. Considered a safer investment than stocks, bonds also generally earn a lower return on your investment. But bonds, like all investments, still carry risks — like the possibility that the borrower will go bankrupt before paying off the debt.

Corporate/Company Fixed Deposit

The deposit placed by investors with companies for a fixed term carrying a prescribed rate of interest is called Company Fixed Deposit. Financial Institutions and Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) also accept such deposits. Deposits thus mobilised are governed by the Companies Act under Section 58A. These deposits are unsecured, i.e., if the company defaults, the investor cannot sell the documents to recover his capital, thus making them a risky investment option.

P3 Investment Solutions is a channel partner of ICICI securities limited.


ICICI securities through their platform ICICI direct offers all that is needed to invest in Bonds and Corporate Fixed Deposits. ICICI securities offers a 3-in-1 account which includes a saving account, trading account and a demat account. This feature helps one to transfer funds seamlessly and invest within no time.

To invest in Bonds/Corporate Fixed deposits one has to open a Demat account with ICICI securities, following are the documents required.

  1. Signed application form
  2. Two passport photographs
  3. Aadhaar card copy front and back- Self attested
  4. Pan card copy front and back- Self attested
  5. Cheque for account opening fee in favour of ICICI Securities Limited*

*In case of cheque being issued from join account the documents mentioned in Sr. no. 2,3,4 are required for the joint holder too.

ICICI Securities

Existing Demat account holders please click the link below.

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